– No insurance claim for unlicensed company

– Liability for harm / accidents

– Quality workmanship and materials

Many times, homeowners choose a name out of the phonebook. They think like this: “They will come to my house, make it look nice again and all will be well.” Not exactly. A large part of why the company is in business is because people will come to them for insurance restoration work. If they don’t do it right, the homeowner’s claim could get denied (or worse, be prosecuted if there’s an accident).

They may restore your home back to its original condition; however, if their job was not done properly or safely, you may be held responsible. That’s why it is important that you choose a licensed firm to do the work on your home. A company that has insurance has a vested interest in providing quality service and doing so in a safe way. It protects their reputation and allows them to continue in business.

What about cash-paying customers? Shouldn’t they have another option besides “licensed” companies? Yes, absolutely. Homeowners should have a choice when it comes to whom they hire to do their water damage restoration work. There are many terrific companies out there that have been in business for years and have a great reputation with homeowners just like you. They provide quality service at an affordable price. Just be careful, because some of these “no insurance-looking” companies may try to pass themselves off as being licensed even though they’re not. In the end, it’s up to you if you want to take a chance on them or not.

Licensed water damage restoration companies are insured:

Water damage restoration companies that are insured will be covered under the commercial general liability, which means that their insurance company is obligated to pay for damages that may occur during or as a result of water damage restoration. Also, the workers compensation coverage provides protection if anyone involved in an accident on-site gets hurt.

Licensed mold removal professionals:
Only certified water and mold technicians should perform any type of mold removal function during the cleanup process. Since some types of molds can cause health problems and severe respiratory infections, you want to make sure people who deal with them have been trained and licensed by the state they work in. State regulations require specific training and licensing before someone can become a Certified Mold Investigator (CMI) or Certified Mold Remediator (CMR). CMI’s and CMR’s have the knowledge to properly remove mold from a site.

Employees who are paid hourly:
Employees that work for a restoration company that is insured will be paid an hourly wage while on-site. This helps ensure that they will take their time while working, so as not to add further damage to your property. Since water, fire, and mold can cause extensive structural damages, you need professionals with enough expertise and hands-on experience in order to get the job done right! Companies who hire employees based on how fast they complete jobs or charge by total square footage may not have the required skills needed to restore your home back to its original state.

Licensed companies provide better service:
Water damage restoration companies who are insured and licensed by the state provide better services than those who aren’t, simply because they have to pass a strict inspection before becoming accredited. Their license is renewed every year as well, so their skills remain up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. With insurance covering them in case of damages during or as a result of work completed on your property, you can rest assured knowing that certified technicians will be handling any type of water damage cleanup or mold removal job!

A licensed company has the right training and knowledge to handle your situation.

Professional Property Restoration

The restoration company should be able to offer you a detailed and affordable service plan and work with your insurance provider, if necessary. You need an experienced team that can provide you with the details of their process and procedures prior to signing any agreement.

Your Houston ASAP Restoration company should also handle all communication with your insurance company for you. This means they will do all the paperwork, submitting claims, billing and customer service related to your claim. If something needs further explanation or clarification from an expert source, they will bring in someone who is certified in handling such scenarios. They will keep you up to date on the status of your claim as it moves through each step until it’s resolved and paid by your provider at which point, we can begin rebuilding your home back to its original state.

When you need help with damage caused by water, fire or any other unexpected event, call ASAP Restoration Houston for fast results. We are capable of handling the entire restoration process, including mitigation and contents cleaning. Our team will work day and night to safely restore your property in a timely manner while preserving the safety of your family and guests. If you require mold removal, we can handle that too! Our team is certified in mold remediation techniques which include air quality testing for hazardous spores, containment procedures and professional equipment to eliminate all traces of mold from both porous surfaces like drywall as well as non-porous surfaces such as floors, countertops and more.

You can rest assured knowing that a licensed company is bonded and insured for your protection.

Each of our technicians is a state-certified contractor and has undergone rigorous training for specific remediation services. No matter how big or small the job, you’re always in good hands with ASAP Restoration.

ASAP Restoration specializes in water damage, fire damage and storm restoration services. We’re proud to be a top provider of emergency response and disaster recovery services for homes and businesses throughout Houston & Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

As one of the most trusted restoration companies, we work closely with insurance agencies and guarantee satisfaction by providing meticulous service with every job. With ASAP Restoration on your side, you’ll always have an expert team dedicated to restoring your property back to pre-disaster condition as quickly as possible.

We understand the trauma associated with a fire or water damage, and we can help take some of the burden off your shoulders. We provide a one-on-one consultation with every client to fully explain all remediation services and ensure their comfort throughout the entire claim process.

When it comes down to it, you need someone who has experience working in extreme conditions. ASAP Restoration specializes in emergency response restoration of residential & commercial properties following water damage, fire damage, mold remediation and more! No matter what trade is required of us, our highly trained technicians are consistently able to confront any situation that arises head on utilizing state of the art equipment and extensive industry knowledge.

The cost of hiring a professional water damage restoration service may be less than you think, especially considering the potential costs if it goes unchecked.

The following article discusses a few of the most important things to consider when deciding whether or not you need professional water damage restoration services. You will also find some information on what to look for in your choice of service provider, including ASAP Restoration Houston. When dealing with water damage it is always advisable to act quickly and get help from experts rather than trying to fix the problem yourself.

Identifying The Extent Of The Damage Could Be Too Late To Save Anything
Water damage can spread very rapidly once it has got into insulation, wallpaper, floorboards and other parts of the structure. If you have noticed mold forming on any of your home contents, walls or ceilings it is imperative that you act immediately to properly identify the source of the water leakage and remove the water. Even if you are able to find which room is affected by visual inspection this doesn’t mean that there isn’t further unseen damage behind walls or under floors that could be expensive to repair.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Will Keep Your Property Safe
A professional service understands how to dry out wet areas quickly without causing mold growth and structural damage in the process. The longer homeowners wait with dealing with water damage, the more likely it is that permanent damage will occur. If you are considering attempting to take care of this yourself, speak with a restoration company first so they can advise you on how best to proceed and what you should expect in terms of costs, time and effectiveness.

Your Insurance Will Cover The Cost Of Professional Water Damage Restoration
If your home has experienced flooding or water leakage due to fire sprinklers/detectors, appliances or other causes not related to your own negligent behavior then usually insurance companies will cover at least part of the cost of professional water damage restoration if not all of it. It is important that you understand exactly what your policy covers before disaster strikes but most homeowners’ policies will provide some cover for these kinds of problems.