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Full-Service Restoration Services

Painting plays a part in our full-service restoration services. When our team takes on a restoration project, we offer all the services you need to restore the property back to normal. You don’t have to hire a painter after we have replaced the material. Once our team has completed replacing the materials, we’ll finish off with a paint job. Painting is an important service to have when a fire has impacted your home, water damage, mold, or a natural disaster. When these disasters impact materials, they can change their appearance drastically. In some cases, those materials are salvageable, so painting helps restore their beauty.  

Proper Painting Procedures

In order to restore your home correctly and in a way, it stands the test of time follow the right painting procedures. We can’t come into your home, paint over the damage, and leave. Our team must address more than just the damage in order to provide comprehensive restoration services. Depending on your home’s impact, your restoration process will look different from others. Water damage restoration and fire damage restoration follow different steps because they present their own challenges. Our team’s job is to customize the solutions to those challenges—all the way down to the painting.  

Can You Paint Over Water Stains and Smoke Damage?

Before you can start painting over water stains or smoke damage, you must address a few details first. With water stains, you must eliminate the source of the water first. Water damage can come from various sources, including a roof, busted pipe, or an appliance. ASAP Restoration is sure to locate the root of the problem well before we start painting. Once the water source is fixed, our team will get to restoring the damaged materials. As for smoke damage, it is a much more complex solution. Smoke-damaged materials contain toxins that professionals should remove. Our team will thoroughly inspect the damage, use proper equipment for cleanup, and begin the restoration process afterward.

Types of Materials We Paint

ASAP Restoration is able to paint all types of surfaces and materials. We have worked with a large variety of materials with our past clients. We are capable of painting and restoring the following:

  • Drywall
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Stucco
  • Glass
  • And more!

If any part of your home has been damaged by fire, water, or a natural disaster, ensure you call the restoration experts for painting and restoration needs.