Residential Restoration

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24/7 Residential Restoration Services

Likely, few things are as important to you as your home. When disaster strikes your residential property, it can feel scary and overwhelming. It’s almost as if a piece of you has been harmed. Here at ASAP Restoration, we understand how special your home is to you. We’ll work alongside you and your family to ensure your property becomes whole again. Call us today for professional restoration services.

Water and Fire Damage

Restoring Your Home

Whether a broken washing machine has flooded your basement or a kitchen fire destroyed part of your home, we can fix the damage. It’s important to take care of water and fire damage ASAP, so don’t hesitate to contact us the minute disaster occurs. The consequence of hesitation may be mold growth, exposure to hazardous substances, and more. It’s best to call a professional restoration company immediately rather than putting your and your family’s health at risk.

Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, though nature can so often times be beautiful, it can take a ruinous toll on homes. Storms result in flooding and tornadoes, whereas dry air and brush may cause roaring forest fires. You can’t control Mother Nature. But you can control how you handle a disaster. By calling ASAP Restoration, you take the next step in healing your residence from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Have to Move Out During the Restoration Process?

Not necessarily. Whether or not you need to move out depends on how significant the damage to your property is. We’ll let you know if it’s safe for you to stay in your home during the restoration process after we access the damages.

How Much Will Residential Damage Restoration Cost?

Costs for residential restoration services are determined by the extent of the damage and how large the damaged area is. We can give you an estimate after inspection, but please note it isn’t possible to determine exactly how much restoration will cost until after we’ve finished.

Should I Call My Insurance Agency Before a Restoration Expert?

You should call ASAP Restoration first. We’ll inspect the damage, then work with your insurance company to file an accurate claim.

What Should I Do After My Home Floods?

If your home floods, you should get yourself and your family to a safe place, then immediately call a restoration company. Be sure to check the integrity of structures like stairs before using them if they have been exposed to floodwater.

Is Restoration Always an Option After a Fire?

Sadly, restoration is not always an option after a fire. If an inspector determines your home is unstable, restoration isn’t possible. That means you’ll likely have to sell your property and find a new one.

Should I Throw Away Items Exposed to Floodwater?

You should throw away plastic items such as baby bottles, pacifiers, and food storage containers if these items are exposed to floodwater. You may keep metal and ceramic utensils as long as you disinfect them.