Document & Media Recovery

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Recovering Essential Data

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that nearly 40% of small businesses fail to reopen after being impacted by a natural disaster. The physical and digital data you store for your business to operate is essential in your operations. Partially losing that data or completely losing it halts your business, preventing it from making money. As a result, you are left paying out of pocket to keep operations afloat. ASAP Restoration has seen small businesses severely impacted by natural disasters. Fortunately, they had a professional restoration company at their side. We didn’t just restore their property, but we also recovered documents and media.

Types of Documents & Media We Restore

Restoring Your Essential Belongings

Whether damaged by fire, smoke, water, or debris, our team is capable of restoring your documents and media after the disaster. These essential pieces of information are necessary for your business’s success. ASAP Restoration is committed to getting you back up on your feet using industry methods and state-of-the-art technology. Because of these resources, we are able to recover almost any type of document or piece of media. The items we can recover include but are not limited to:

  • Books, magazines, files
  • Manuscripts, contracts, archives
  • Drawings, blueprints, maps
  • Compact discs, laserdiscs, magnetic media
  • Audiotapes and videotapes
  • Photos, film, negatives, or slides

If any of your documents or media are damaged in the disaster, our team can help you restore them along with your property. Our full-service restoration services are what your small business needs to continue operating long after the event.

24/7 Document & Media Recovery

Support All Day, Everyday

Natural disasters and fires can sideswipe your business unexpectedly. No matter if it’s strong winds or flooding, our team can be there to assist you. We stop the damage from getting worse and restore the damage that has been incurred. From there, we’ll work alongside you to restore the document and media that were damaged in the accidents. The data you lost is essential in operating your business and our team is committed to retrieving it for you at any time of the day or night. Give us a call for 24/7 restoration services.

Benefits of Document & Media Recovery

When choosing ASAP Restoration for document and media recovery, you can expect a handful of benefits from these services. One of the most obvious benefits is the recovery of your documents and media. Without our services, you are unable to resume business operations normally. The services we provide will also benefit you by protecting your employees from potentially harmful substances. In the event of a fire or severe water damage, documents could carry substances that are hazardous. We use proper equipment and handling to ensure the documents are cleaned of any harmful substances for completion.

What Is Included in Document & Media Recovery?

How It Works

In order for our team to recover your documents and media, we’ll implement a number of methods, which are all included in this service. Above all, we’ll do everything we can to restore the documents that were damaged in the event. For these efforts, our document and media recovery services include the following:

  • Freeze-drying
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Microbial removal
  • Decontamination
  • Deodorization
  • Document imaging
  • Deacidification
  • Rebinding, reframing
  • Realignment, trimming


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee to recovery of documents and media?

No, we cannot. Depending on the type of damage that was sustained, some documents and media pieces are difficult to restore or recover. Our team can never guarantee complete recovery since many factors are at play when performing any type of recovery of documents and media pieces. With that said, our team strives to do their best when recovering documents and data.

What kinds of events can you recover documents and media from?

There are many forms of damage our team has experience handling, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Mold or mildew
  • Natural disaster damage
  • General damage

Regardless of the damage your documents or media have sustained, our team will work to recover it as best as possible.

Are you able to recover partial documents or media?

In some cases, yes. If the damage is too much, our team may only be able to recover portions of the documents or media.