When disaster strikes, we hope for the least possible damage, but sometimes we aren’t lucky. You need a damage restoration company with experience, professionalism, and honest pricing: choose ASAP Restoration. 

Damage restoration companies are your go-to resource for professionally trained services when your home or business has been damaged from natural occurrences. There are many reasons to call a damage restoration company for the benefits they provide. Read on for a detailed explanation of signs you should contact a damage restoration company. 

Benefits Damage Restoration Companies Provide

Some homeowners and business owners try to mitigate the damage when disaster strikes. While this is understandable, it’s best not to wait to contact a damage restoration company. Major disasters like water, fire, storms, or otherwise need professional help. 

Skills, Training, and Experience

The technicians and specialists of damage restoration companies know what they’re doing. They have years of experience and training. They have seen all types of damage, from floods to fires and tornadoes. These experts will know the best way to tackle each problem based on the damage and how to mitigate further damage. 

Specialized Equipment

Any good damage restoration company will have access to equipment and technology that is not readily available to the public. This equipment is designed to help restoration experts and specialists with any problem they might be called for. Some of this equipment includes water extraction vacuums, strong blowers, high-end dehumidifiers, and water pumps. 

Reasons to Call a Damage Restoration Company

There are many cases where you should call a damage restoration company. If you suspect you have a mold problem, call a restoration company to come and inspect your home or business for signs of mold. If you have recently suffered from a fire, contact a damage restoration company to restore your home or business and recover your valuables. Any damage your home or business has sustained warrants a call to a trusted restoration company. Let’s go over a few signs you need to call a damage restoration company. 

High-Velocity Fans - Water Damage Restoration

Burst Pipe

More often than not, the cause of water damage comes from within our homes. Water damage is very common and is one of the leading reasons for damage restoration companies. 37% of homeowners claim to have suffered water damage. Burst or leaking pipes are a huge cause of water damage. 

Warped Flooring

Are your hardwood floors uneven or buckling? This is a telltale sign of water damage to your floors. In most cases, this also affects the baseboards and can lead to mold growth. Restoration companies are well-equipped to handle water damage and mold remediation. Efficient damage restoration companies can even replace the flooring themselves if you find the right company. At ASAP Restoration, we are one such company that can restore your flooring and replace it.

After a Fire

The flames might seem like the most impactful part of a fire, but in actuality, smoke can be the most lasting and damaging. Flames will ultimately destroy, but smoke often reaches more materials than the fire itself. Materials like plastic, vinyl, wood, brick, and fabric are susceptible to smoke. They’ll physically change due to the heat of the smoke. At the same time, the chemical composition of these materials is also altered. In some cases, the materials may release toxins, while others will house the toxic gasses of the smoke. The cleanup must be handled with the proper equipment and trained fire damage and restoration professionals.

Discoloration on Your Wall

Where there is water damage, there is some sign it is there. If you notice your walls have a strange discoloration, you likely are dealing with water damage. Unfortunately, discoloration likely means the problem has been ongoing for a long time and has already caused damage. This is because the beginnings of a leak must pass through many materials inside your walls before they can be noticeable on the surface. 

Find Affordability and Quality Service With ASAP Restoration

Once you notice any damage to your home or business, don’t waste any time: call ASAP Restoration in Houston, TX. We are happy to inspect any suspected damage or damage after natural disasters, such as fires, storms, or hurricanes. No matter the reason, we offer affordable, 24/7 service. Call us today or contact us on the web.