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ASAP Restoration has been providing storm damage restoration in Pasadena for several years. Our team of professionals has adequate experience to help you recover after a storm or harsh weather conditions. These storms can exponentially damage the property’s exterior, leading to roof damage, patio damage, and driveway damage. You don’t have to deal with this mess alone; call us and schedule our service now! 

Storm Damage Restoration in Pasadena

The weather conditions in Pasadena may make your living conditions more difficult than usual. Rainstorms in the area can damage the property’s exterior and may even flood your home or commercial property. They can lead to costly repairs or replacements if you don’t take care of these damages right away.

Our team will always be ready to help you in your time of need. Here is what storm damage restoration in Pasadena looks like:

  • Our team will ensure safe and secure evacuation of the property
  • They will shut down all utility lines and secure the property
  • All the damages will be assessed and documented for insurance
  • You will be asked to contact your insurance company
  • Tailored restoration steps according to the damage
  • Final touchups and walkthrough

What to Do During a Storm?

Your safety comes first; after giving us a call, safely evacuate your property and make sure all your essential belongings are safe. It is also good practice to shut down the utility lines to ensure no further damage occurs. After verifying everyone’s safety, call your insurance company to notify them of the incident.

Wait for our team to arrive at the location and assess the damage. They will provide you with a budget and a plan. You can leave the storm damage restoration work in the hands of our team, and rest assured that everything will be taken care of.


What are the Estimated Time and Cost of Storm Damage Restoration?

The estimated time and cost of storm damage restoration in Pasadena will depend on the dimensions of the affected area, the materials required, and the magnitude of the destruction. Once the team arrives at your locations and evaluates the condition, only then will they be able to quote a time and an estimated cost.

Some elements of your property may be severely damaged, and they may need a replacement. In this case, the cost of the restoration process may increase. However, we will try our best to meet your budget while also providing you with the safest and most efficient solutions.

Why Choose ASAP Restoration?

ASAP Restoration is a fully insured company, which means we will take care of all accidental damages and cover the repair costs. Additionally, our team of professionals is trained as first responders to act as quickly as possible during a storm.

We provide our team with the adequate training and experience required to provide efficient and effective solutions. We also have access to the latest tools and equipment that you may need during storm damage restoration.

Whether or not the elements need to be replaced will be examined by our team, who will provide you with the most time and budget-friendly solutions tailored to fit your needs. We treat all our customers as our own family. So, you can trust us to provide nothing but the best services in town.

Disaster Damage Restoration

Give Us a Call

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable company to provide you efficient storm damage restoration in Pasadena, give us a call now! Let us take care of all your needs and help you restore your home or commercial property to its original state.

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