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Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration Services in Houston

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States. Areas like the Greater Houston Area often see flood events from heavy rainfall, tropical storms, and hurricanes. The proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes Houston extremely susceptible to flooding. Just a few inches of water can cause thousands of dollars in damages, which makes flooding a deadly disaster. However, your home could flood from a source within rather than an external force!

Hurricane Restoration

Houston has seen several major hurricanes make landfall. Hurricanes bring severe damage and destruction in their wake. Depending on the category, a hurricane can cause massive destruction through its path. The strong winds from the massive storm push water toward the coast. When there is an excess of water on the coast, it has nowhere to go but on the land. So, the water creeps into homes, businesses, roads, and other areas. 

Wind and water can have a significant impact on your home. The wind can rip up parts of your roofing, allowing water to seep in. Then, the flood will move inside from the excess rain or water pushed up from the hurricane.  These elements cause severe damage to your home or business. Water damage is especially severe because of the issues it can create if left untreated. Moisture paired with the Houston humidity creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. Water damage also weakens the structure making it more dangerous for loved ones, employees, or customers.

Once the hurricane has passed, the wind has died, and the water recedes, it is time to get to work. ASAP Restoration has years of experience restoring homes, schools, doctor offices, restaurants, churches, and other buildings. No building is too big for our team of contractors and builders. They work with you to restore your home or business back to its former glory. 

Water Damage From Busted Pipe

The most common cause of water damage comes from within the home. This may come to a surprise for many, but you are at a higher risk of flooding from a pipe inside your home than a storm. Pipes can burst for a variety of reasons. Common causes include:

  • freezing temperature
  • water pressure
  • age or corrosion
  • collision or movement

Freezing temperatures are rare in the Houston area, but are certainly a cause of busted pipes. A clogged toilet or garbage disposal can quickly increase the pressure within a pipe. At first, it may leak a few droplets of water, but as time goes on, it gets worse. Eventually, it bursts and creates severe damage underneath the sink, in a wall, or in some other area. Of course, the age of your pipes also determines their quality. Corrosion over time allows them to fail once they meet their match. Finally, a collision with a piece of equipment in your yard or movement of the pipe can create damage on the outside seal. 

Regardless of the reason your pipe busts, ASAP Restoration has the skilled professionals for Water Damage Restoration in Houston TX. They will locate the cause and restore your home or business. In fact, it does not matter what the cause of the water damage is. We provide renovation services no matter what. Reach out to our team today to start the renovation process.


For a short period of time, a little bit of water damage is fine. However, water damage is a serious issue when left untreated. Moisture and humidity create a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Mold can create a lower air quality for your loved ones, employees, or customers. In addition, it can greatly impact the structural integrity of your home or business. For that reason, you should have water damage fixed as soon as possible.

The time needed to restore a home or business from water damage varies on several different factors. Our team can give you an estimate once we know the extent of the damage and review the areas you want to restore.

The cost of our restoration services varies on the severity of the water damage and the length of time it takes to complete the project. Once we know more information about the damage, we can provide an accurate quote.

ASAP Restoration provides services for all severity levels in water damage.

Common signs of water damage include:

  • peeling paint or wallpaper
  • swollen drywall
  • mold or mildew
  • condensation or moisture
  • smells or odors
  • high water bill

If you are unsure if you have sustained water damage, then contact ASAP Restoration for a visit to your home.

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