Damage Restoration Services in Houston


We understand how important your home is. It contains a safe place for you, your loved ones, and holds precious memories. When your home becomes damaged, it threatens everything inside. The last thing you want is to see your home torn down in front of you. Fortunately, there is a way you can repair or preserve your home instead of starting new.

Our services for residential homes and properties are all-encompassing. Damages to properties can be devastating; the longer you hold off on repairs, the more damage it does to your possessions. That is why we provide a rapid response to handle the cleanup and mending of damage that may have been caused by fire, water, wind, mold, or smoke.

At ASAP, we believe home repairs should be done right at every point, and every detail should matter. Our professional technicians are trained to handle a wide variety of home repairs ranging from remodeling, electrical, paint jobs, and plumbing to the installation of cabinets and carpentry works.


We offer excellent full damage restoration service in Houston at affordable prices. For whatever services you require, be it kitchen remodeling or bathroom upgrade, we deliver honest, transparent services and offer the highest quality materials within your budget.

Professional Property Restoration


It requires a lot of time, money, and effort to start a business. Once it’s up and running, it takes even more resources to keep it thriving. We understand the importance of running a business and the effects damages can do to operations. The urgency to complete repairs on time and open the doors is intense. For that reason, ASAP Restoration provides fast and reliable restoration services for commercial clients.

Without compromising quality, our skilled craftsmen, vendors, and contractors secure high-quality materials to complete the job. Our team coordinates with you at every phase of the project, so accuracy remains on track.

Preventive maintenance is also one of our recommended services. We believe it’s better to be on top of the situation before it escalates; therefore, we schedule times to visit and inspect all aspects of your facilities to ensure efficiency.
The longer your business is closed, the more money you lose. Secure renovation services that will get the job done as soon as possible (ASAP)! We’ll fix damaged doors, windows, roofs, pipes, electrical wiring, refrigeration units, and more. Our comprehensive renovation services are what you need to open your business in a flash.

ASAP Restoration also provides emergency services for those who experience fire or water damage. Every minute that passes is a dollar you could be making!

Damage Restoration Services in Houston

Water Damage Restoration

Fire Damage

You may believe you can clean up fire damage on your own, but it is hazardous. Without the right equipment, you’ll breathe in toxic particles from materials that soaked up smoke. Many are unaware of the severity smoke has on materials. Even if the fire is small and contained, the smoke can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. You see, the flames can only reach so far, but smoke can billow past the flames’ reach and affect materials several feet away.


Cleaning up smoke, soot, and fire damage on your own can result in a serious injury or illness. Toxic materials such as asbestos, ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, and many more can be found in burnt household items. In order to clean up the property safely, you need to hire certified professionals. ASAP Restoration has a team with years of experience capable of cleaning and renovating the building without contracting an illness or sustaining an injury.

Mold Damage Restoration

Natural Disaster Damage

There is no way to stop a natural disaster. We have to continue to live with hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, lightning strikes, and tornadoes. These forces of nature are unstoppable. Your home or business may be built to withstand certain aspects of a natural disaster, but not all of them. For example, asphalt shingles are susceptible to strong winds, which the Greater Houston Area often sees from hurricanes and tropical storms. Of course, a natural disaster can do more than rip up a few shingles. It could completely level your home or remove large portions of it.

ASAP Restoration understands how important your home or business is. We strive to restore each building back to the way you remember in the most efficient and accurate way possible. No matter the extent of the damage, our team is ready to restore your business or home back to its former glory and if you need Emergency Restoration Services‎ in TEXAS then we are available to provide those services as well. 

Water Damage

Standing water is often overlooked as a threat to many homeowners or businesses. There are numerous causes of standing water within a business or home. The most common causes come from within. A pipe or appliance may fail and cause water to soak whatever is nearby. Materials such as carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, and laminate become victims of prolonged water exposure. These materials will begin to decay faster than they usually would and become carriers for mold.


For that reason, you need professional and fast renovation services. We start by cleaning up the mess and locating the source of the water. If the source is from within your home such as a pipe or appliance, we’ll fix it. From there, we start by repairing or replacing any of the materials that were damaged. In the event mold is present, we contain it before spores can spread to other parts of the building. Finally, we complete the job better than when we arrived—this process if fast and professional, which is what we provide all clients.

Fire Damage Restoration

Mold Damage

There are very few places in which mold can grow. The combination of humidity and moisture creates the perfect environment for growth. Moisture is the primary driving factor of mold growth, as humidity is not always necessary. Mold can become dangerous if left untreated over time. It will also spread to other parts of the building, such as ventilation shafts, inside of walls, attics, basements, and more. Of course, mold prefers a number of different materials over others. Mold is more likely to be found on the carpet, drywall, insulation, wallpaper, and upholstery.


Determining if you have mold is a simple task. It is usually identified by a smell or a large collection of an infestation. Mold can be black, green, brown, yellow, grey, and many other colors. One of the most dangerous types of mold is black mold. If you are experiencing a mold infestation, then contact ASAP Restoration today. Our team can help contain the infestation and remove it from the building.

Disaster Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Service

We are always available to respond to you in times of emergency. Call on us at any time and we would be there to fix any damages.


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