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Restoration Services Katy cleans up the mess and fixes the damage left behind.

Fires, floods, mold, and natural disasters are common. These forces are also extremely devastating. They can change the course of your business or home in just minutes. ASAP Restoration is dedicated to restoring your home or business, so you can set your life back on track.

Restoration Services Houston

ASAP Restoration is a full-service fire and water damage company offering 24/7 emergency services. We are locally owned and operated in Katy, TX (Houston metro area). We offer FREE estimates. Please call us at 713-903-2030 or complete our online estimate request form for more information.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing emergency services to Commercial and Residential customers in Katy and surrounding areas. We offer affordable restoration services for water damage, mold removal, fire & smoke damage, storm damage, flooded basements, carpet cleaning, and much more! Our technicians are highly experienced with over years of experience each.

ASAP Restoration is proud to service all residential homes in Katy no matter how big or small the job maybe! Our commercial contractors can provide free quotes on any commercial property you have in need of restoration services!

ASAP Restoration is a leading Restoration Company in Katy, TX that provides professional restoration services for commercial and residential properties damaged by water. We are an industry leader in the Restoration Services Industry, with over 10 years of experience restoring homes and businesses affected by water damage. As a full-service company, we offer complete services for damage due to flooding or leaks on any property. Our technicians are extensively trained in all aspects of water damage repair or cleanup to ensure proper restoration procedures are completed correctly every time. Even if your home has not been directly impacted by rain or floodwaters yourself, it is important to schedule annual inspections performed by companies like ASAP Restoration who specialize in Flood Cleanup and Prevention so you can catch issues before they become major problems. When properly maintained your sump pump can run efficiently and last much longer to protect your home from damage due to heavy rainfall or flooding.
Professional Property Restoration
Water Damage Restoration




Effective water damage restoration of a house or office can be completed by highly trained technicians. Water is one of the most dangerous and damaging agents that can affect your home. Water damages to homes must be handled only by certified experts who have a thorough knowledge of how to restore different types of structures that become wet.

Water Damage Restoration - What To Do After Flooding?

Ensure no electrical devices are in use while you deal with wet surfaces and carpets. Use flashlights instead since direct contact with electricity can result in lethal accidents. Turn off all gas appliances and do not use them until they are inspected and approved by the employees from water damage restoration Katy.

Dry out any wet carpets, wood, metal, or other building materials with the use of fans and dehumidifiers. You can also let the sun’s heat dry them naturally to remove all traces of moisture. Materials like concrete, plaster, stucco, and brick are porous which means that they absorb water easily. If left for a longer time after flooding it becomes difficult to clean them making them ideal breeding grounds for germs and mold growth.

To avoid dust accumulation while cleaning up debris, seal off ventilation points using plastic sheeting and tape before you start cleaning hard surfaces including tiles and countertops in your kitchen etcetera.

ASAP Restoration Fire Damage Restoration is an insured, full-service professional commercial and residential fire damage restoration company. We are the trusted leader in the field of property damage restoration in Katy. 


If you require any Fire Damage Restoration Services or Emergency Restoration Services, we want to extend our knowledgeable professionals to assist you in mitigating the damages at your home quickly and efficiently with minimal loss.

We provide fast response times for commercial businesses when they experience a fire or smoke damage emergency no matter when it occurs! You can call us anytime (24 hours/day) at 713-903-2030. 


ASAP Restoration is committed to being on-site within 4 hours after receiving your phone call! This prompt response time will enable you to minimize the damage you’re experiencing by removing smoke odors, water remediation, wet vacuuming up of hazardous fire and smoke particles, black soot staining reduction, drying out your property to prevent mold growth, contents cleaning or merchandise restoration, structural drying with industrial-grade equipment & fans, carpet steam cleaning, etc. We are experts in Fire Damage Remediation Services here at ASAP Restoration – Katy!


Fire Damage Restoration
Mold Damage Restoration


Do you have mold growing in your home or office? If this is the case, then you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Mold can cause several health problems and should be taken seriously. If you live in Katy there are many services available to help with this problem. 


Some companies deal specifically with the removal of mold from structural materials, such as drywall and studs. Some services offer inspection for free or a minimal fee if they do not believe someone needs their service immediately. 


This allows homeowners time to make arrangements for other living accommodations while repairs are being made to restore damaged areas to their original condition. Since most insurance companies do not cover mold damage unless negligence was involved, hiring ASAP Restoration of Katy is a great way to fix this problem and not leave your family or employees subject to inhabiting a potentially hazardous environment.

Disaster damage happens in any form. Whether it is the consequence of natural disaster or human error, you can expect to encounter severe problems after a disaster strikes – especially when the damage is done to your home or business.


Another common type of disaster damage occurs in water-damaged structures. The problem may be due to an overflow of the sewer system, broken pipes in walls and floors, malfunctioning dishwashers and washing machines, firefighting activities that leave behind water residues, too much rain entering into homes through windows, or doors that were left open, etc. 


Regardless of how water gets inside your house, you need to act fast (and contact ASAP Restoration!) to restore everything to normal.
ASAP Restoration offers a full range of water damage restoration Katy services that will help you get your life back to normal as soon as possible.


Disaster Damage Restoration
Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Our Carpet Water Damage Restoration Katy professionals are skilled at restoring carpets to look new again. They will inspect and remove any standing water, and treat stains and odors using antimicrobial technology to keep bad smells from coming back.

Our Carpet Restoration Katy professionals will also repair any damaged areas of the carpet including tears, burns, pet urine damage, and more. We offer same-day service so we can get your carpets back in the spotless shape they were before disaster struck quickly.


Whether it’s a leaking ice maker or some unruly kids that caused your carpet water damage we’ve got you covered with our professional restoration services! Our technicians are trained on how to restore mold and mildew on carpets making them look new again! With over years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, we provide top-notch service!

We will give your carpet a deep steam cleaning to eliminate dirt and contaminants then we will use powerful vacuum cleaners to remove any moisture from the carpets.


To save you time and funds, many of our locations offer both water damage restoration services as well as carpet cleaning making us more versatile than other companies in Katy. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day for water extraction emergencies so don’t hesitate to call us for your Carpet Restoration or Water Damage Emergency.


Restore Your Home or Business

Our 24 hours restoration services can restore your home or business after sustaining damage from water, fire, mold, or a natural disaster.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Katy

Flooding is the most common cause of water damage within a business or home. The cause of flooding could be due to a variety of reasons: heavy rainfall, hurricane, busted or leaky pipe, failed appliance, etc. Regardless of the cause, ASAP Restoration cleans the mess and restores the property.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Katy

Fires are severe disasters capable of affecting any home or business. The flames can move from material to material without a stop in sight. If emergency services are able to stop the fire from destroying everything, then you'll still have to assess smoke damage, which reaches many more places than the flames.

Disaster Damage Restoration

Natural Disaster Damage Katy

Natural disasters are uncontrollable, which means the damage they leave in their wake is unpredictable. ASAP Restoration helps clients restore their home or business after a tornado, hurricane, tropical storm, lightning strike, earthquake, or another natural disaster.

Mold Damage Restoration

Mold Damage Katy

Mold is a fungal growth attracted to the presence of moisture and humidity. This type of development is natural, but you do not want it in your home or business. Specific types of mold can be toxic if inhaled. Plus, it can affect the structural integrity of building materials.


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