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Storms and fires are devastating beyond measure. The physical and mental toll you have to endure are a different story altogether. However, if you have the right damage restoration partner at your disposal, things can be much less stressful. ASAP Restoration is a damage restoration company operating in Houston that offers services to restore damages inflicted by floods, fires, storms, and natural disasters.

Our Houston damage restoration contractors understand the importance of your prized possessions and prioritize saving your salvageable possessions first, after ensuring your safety. With a proven history of immediately responding to your needs and delivering the best restoration services, we are the preferred restoration partners for people in times of need.  

About Houston

Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States and the largest metropolis in Texas. The city is home to NASA’s astronaut training complex, Space Center Houston, Houston Grand Opera, and many other architectural wonders.

Greater Houston is not a stranger to natural disasters and storms. The city has experienced over 12 major storms, floods, hurricanes, and winter storms ever since 1980, causing millions of dollars in property damage.

Houston Damage Restoration Services

Our Houston damage restoration services cover all sorts of damage repairs and replacement to get your property back to being 100% functional. We offer restoration services to both residential and commercial properties regardless of the extent of damage.

Here is what we cover in our restoration services:

1. Water Damage Restoration Services

As a Houston resident, you know how common floods are in the area as a result of heavy rainfall, storms, and hurricanes. Floods cause huge waves of water creeping into homes and businesses, which can significantly damage your property and cause damage even after the water has drained out.

Water damage causes water and moisture to seep into the walls and floors of your property, resulting in weak structures and mold growth. As soon as the flood has passed, you should immediately call our Houston damage restoration contractors to pump out the water and immediately start the repair process.

ASAP restoration has years of damage dealing with similar situations. No damage is too much for our team to handle. Whether it’s an entire hospital building that needs to be cleaned up or a small house, we work with you to restore your property.

2. Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire damage is one of the most destructive kinds of damage that can completely reduce everything on your property to ashes. If your property has witnessed a fire and you immediately call our Houston damage restoration services, we can minimize the damage and save most of your salvageable possessions as soon as the firefighters have done their job.

According to our experts, fire damage does not stop when the fire is out. It actually continues to damage your property as long as the soot and smoke are in there. Therefore, we make the most of the first 48 hours after the fire has started to clean up your property and restore everything. We save as many of your items as we can and replace those that are beyond saving.

Fire Damage Restoration

3. Natural Disaster Damage Restoration

You cannot clean up the mess left behind after a storm or natural disaster. You need professional help. From blown out trees on your property to shattered roofs, storm damage restoration requires a lot of manpower. At ASAP restoration, we offer 24/7 emergency disaster damage restoration services in Houston with a huge crew who will clear out your property and restore it in no time.

Let Us Clean the Mess Left Behind!

At ASAP Restoration, we promise you 100% transparency throughout the restoration process to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction. Call us now at 281-801-6995 to restore all sorts of property damage. Visit our services page to learn more about the types of restoration services we have to offer. We can restore your home from water damage, mold damage, fire damage, and more! 

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