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Fire Damage Restoration Services in Houston, Texas

We provide professional and reliable fire damage restoration services throughout Houston and surrounding areas. If you’ve experienced a fire in your home, we’re here to help!
A fire can be one of the deadliest nightmares for homeowners. As time passes by, the memories of it may fade but the aftermath of dealing with the entire situation as well as repairing the damaged property may never leave you. Fire damage restoration is a very important process in an instance of fire or any other hazard for that matter. While hiring the professional fire damage contractors, you make sure everything is restored to its pre-loss condition without delays and mishaps.

We are among the few companies who provide emergency disaster services round the clock. We are available 24/7 to handle all kinds of disasters, especially fire damage restoration . Our team of professional fire damage contractors is reputable and experienced in restoring properties which have been damaged by fires caused due to kitchen fires, electrical short-circuits, weather conditions like thunderstorms with heavy downpour or hurricanes or any other accidents.
The goal of our company is to keep the momentum going and never let your property lose its value. We aim for maintaining optimum functionality and appearance of the property by removing any traces that something bad has happened once we take possession of it.
When you hire us, we work closely with you through every step so that all decisions are taken in a timely manner according to your convenience since we understand how traumatic such incidents can be for you and your family members and above all, your home and belongings. We maintain transparency throughout the process till we meet our goals: safety and security of all property involved, including your family members. Our work is quick and efficient with minimum interference to the residents who are staying in the premises.


Benefits of Fire Damage Restoration
If you are in need of fire damage restoration, it may be that your home has been damaged by fire and smoke. When this happens, it can be very difficult to find the ideal company. Here is what you should know about the benefits of hiring a reliable company. They will ensure that your home is restored to its former beauty and functionality after the damages caused by the fire. They are incredibly skilled in their profession, which is what makes them perfect for the job. Fire damage restoration takes a lot of time and effort to complete not only because it is extremely important that everything is restored correctly but also because there are so many details involved with fire damage. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fire repairs, which means you shouldn’t put off getting some estimates until tomorrow or next week. You want to have your home back in working condition as quickly as possible, so you shouldn’t delay if you need help right away. The sooner they get started on the work, the faster you can expect to get things back in order again. This is one of the most commonly sought services when people need help restoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ASAP Restoration help clean up fire damage?
We do clean fire damage because we have the experience and equipment to get the job done without contracting a deadly illness or injury. We recommend clients contact us as soon as possible after the fire. That way, we can limit the amount of damage done to personal belongings and other parts of the property.
How long is the restoration process?
The restoration process varies on three primary factors: the type of property, the severity of the damage, and the amount of time that has passed since the fire. These three factors will help us determine the length of the renovation process. With that said, we do our best to complete the job as soon as possible.
Can I live in or on the property while renovations are made?
We recommend property owners stay with family, friends, or another location while renovations are being made. Inhaling smoke or soot left over by the fire is dangerous for those without the proper training or equipment. In addition, the fire may have affected the structural integrity of the property.
What is smoke damage?
Smoke damage is the odor and soot left behind a fire. Even if the fire is small, the smoke can do damage long after it has been put out. The chemicals let off by the fire will soak into materials all over the property. Your personal belongings will begin to decay faster from the high levels of acidity, and some items may even yellow from the smoke.
Can I take my belongings with me during renovations?
Yes, we recommend you take any belongings not affected by the fire or smoke damage during the renovation process. If left, the belongings could become exposed to chemicals released from the fire or decaying materials.
What causes fire damage?
Fire Damage Restoration Houston: It can come from a wide variety of sources and in many different forms. Fire may be caused by third parties or by accident, but it can also be intentional. Regardless, when the damage is extensive, the homeowners will want to bring in experienced professionals for help with restoring property value and reducing stress.
How does water affect fire damage restoration? Does wetting "extinguish" a fire?
Fire Damage Restoration Houston: No, this isn’t quite how fires work! Water doesn’t actually put out a fire; it only helps to control and contain the extent of its destruction. Fire restoration experts use this fact to save property and reduce stress in homes affected by fire.
Who can I contact for fire damage restoration? When should I expect the professionals to arrive?
Fire Damage Restoration Houston: This will vary depending on which company you choose, but it’s generally a good idea to call as soon as possible after the home or building has suffered from fire damage. You should expect your team to show up within an hour of alerting them after arriving at the location, especially if they’re located in the same area.
Why does my property smell like smoke, even after regaining access? What options do I have to remove this odor?
Fire Damage Restoration Houston: Again, this varies by company and by service, but some companies may opt to use high-powered fans to help.