Fire can be such a delight during the colder months. During fall, many people enjoy sitting outside around a bonfire roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. When winter hits and the weather grows even colder, it’s time to sit around a fireplace sipping mugs of hot chocolate or coffee while the wood crackles in the flames. However, as everyone knows, fire can go from delightful to devastating quickly. Flames can keep us warm, or they can burn us. They can heat our homes, or they can destroy them. That is why it is important to use caution around this element and do your best to learn how to prevent house fires. Here are five tips on how to prevent house fires: 

1. Don’t Leave Electronics Plugged In

Electric troubles are one of the leading causes of house fires. In fact, electrical receptacles are the cause of 5,300 house fires each year. But you need electricity to live comfortably in your home and perform everyday tasks like cooking and vacuuming. So how do you protect yourself from the electricity in your house getting out of control? 

First, unplug any unused electrical items in your house, such as phone chargers, lamps, and toaster ovens. It may be a pain to plug them back in every time you need to use them, but this will prevent surges and overheating from causing an electrical fire. Think about it. Isn’t taking five seconds to plug something back in a lot less of a hassle than having to deal with the aftermath of a devastating fire? 

The second thing you can do is purchase a surge protector. Surge protectors ensure that your electronics do not experience damage from voltage spikes. In turn, this can prevent electronics from catching on fire. 

2. Maintain Your Smoke Alarms

Many deaths occur every year because homeowners do not ensure they have a functioning smoke alarm. When smoke alarms don’t work, what might have been a small and easy-to-put-out fire becomes an unmanageable one because it went without detection. By then, it’s too late to escape and avoid extensive damage. To prevent becoming a victim of flames, always be careful to maintain your smoke alarms. You can test and clean your smoke alarms every month, as well as regularly change the batteries to ensure they stay functional. 

A home in flames, owned by a homeowner who did not learn. how to prevent house fires

3. Ensure Your Flammable Items Are Safely Away From Heat

This one seems obvious. Of course, you wouldn’t leave a big basket of paper near an open flame. But what about a heater or an item that could potentially spark, like a wall outlet? You should always make sure that flammable items are kept away from any potential source of excess heat. 

4. Declutter Your Space

Clutter is a problem for so many reasons. It provides a place for pests like insects and rodents to nest, makes moving around your home difficult, and looks frightful. But worst of all, clutter also makes it easy for fires to start and spread in your home. No possession is more important than your family and home’s safety. Don’t be overly sentimental. Throw out items that you don’t need rather than telling yourself that you’ll find a use for them one day. 

5. Clean Your Dryer Vents and Lint Catcher

Dryers generate an excessive amount of heat. Considering that the lint coming off your clothes is flammable, it is important to ensure that you take care to clean this fuzzy substance up each time you use your dryer. You should also vacuum your dryer vent and hose often to prevent buildup. In turn, you’ll prevent house fires when implementing this best practice. 

We Can Help With Fire Damage! 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, fires still happen. It might not be your fault. Perhaps your neighbor’s home caught fire and it spread to yours. Or maybe lightning struck your home while you were away, causing devastating damage. Whatever the cause of the fire damage to your home, our team at ASAP Restoration can help. We’ll get your home back to its original state in no time. Contact us today for assistance!